How To Trace Cell Phone Numbers

How To Trace Cell Phone Numbers

Do you ever get one of those weird phone calls and, when you try to track it down, the most it can tell you is that it’s a cell phone number?

What makes this especially aggravating is that the owners of those cell phones can keep the same area code even when they’ve moved out of the area.

However, if you need to know how to trace cell phone numbers for whatever reason, here’s a few tricks you can try.

Plug the phone number into a search engine. This might provide you with some clues like finding somebody’s public profile that includes that cell phone number. Use a search engine other than Google for more well-rounded results.

DuckDuckGo is a good one that won’t keep track of your searches to build a profile of you.

You might also try specialized search engines like SpyDialer, The Ultimates or Argali White & Yellow for better luck.Make Facebook’s (Lack Of) Privacy Features Work For You. You can find people in a wide variety of ways – through friends of friends or suggested friends.

If you’re lucky enough to have the person’s name along with their cell phone number, you could usually find information on them through Facebook. Sometimes they use aliases, which can make it difficult to track them down on social media, but you can still make use of this by searching for those aliases on popular membership websites like forums.

Sometimes they’ll have their phone numbers listed alongside their aliases.

DO NOT PAY FOR THIS INFORMATION. Not only might you get fake or outdated information, but paying for it might also tip off the owner of that cell phone number that you’re looking for them. Besides, if you can’t find that information on your own, they probably won’t have any better luck.

Report any funny business to the cops. Not only do they have decent tools for tracking down the owner of a cell phone, but you’ll also have a report on file if you’re being harassed or threatened by somebody with a cell phone. It helps if you can also somehow record these calls so you’ll have evidence to back yourself up.

When you’re aggravated enough to want to find out how to trace a cell phone number, you likely don’t want to fool around. You want to know who’s calling you and why. That means making technology work for you.…

Ways of tracing phone number

Ways of tracing phone number
  • The first way is to lodge a complaint with the police with the mobile numbers or landline numbers from which you are getting calls. Then the rest of the job of tracing the location and identity of the callers can be done by the police.
  • If you don’t want to go to thepolice immediately and want to see for yourself whether some of your friends are playing a prank with you, then you can trace a phone number for yourself too. You can try installing free to use tracing apps which may help you in tracing the location of your caller.
  • If the free apps are not useful, then you can trace the location of the number by getting the first 4 digits of the mobile number on Wikipedia. This will help you get the location from which the number was purchased.
  • You can even try the paid agencies which offer the services of tracing a phone number for a fixed charge.However, before hiring any such agency for tracing a number from which you are getting prank calls, you have to check whether the agency is authentic or not.

While you may feel harassed by such phone calls, hiring agencies without checking authenticity can make you land in more troubles. There are many scam agencies which offer fraudulent results for your money. If you feel threatened or harassed by such calls, then the best option is to take theassistance of the law enforcement agencies to nab the trouble makers.You can prevent these calls if you do not answer the calls which are from unknown numbers. You can try calling the number from another phone so as to know the identity of the caller.…

Useful Tips for Tracing Phone Number!

Useful Tips for Tracing Phone Number!

In early days, the phone were not a common service which was used by everyone. It was considered as a luxury or a service which only rich people could afford and use. However, the technological development is very fast paced and therefore, the phone is no longer a luxury. It is now an essential service which is used by the majority of the people in the world. As everything has a flip side to it, the technological development has brought the world closer. As everyone you know is just one phone call away, it is easy to connect with anyone you want. This brought a problematic situation due to the various crime and problems related to the phone service. The mobile phones are now an essentialdevice which we use daily. These mobile phones have resulted in various crimes as these criminals can call you from anywhere without revealing their location to common people.


Although it is not easy for common people to trace a mobile phone number’s location, the police force and other security agencies have all the infrastructure necessary for tracing a phone number. If you are being harassed by people or troubled by such disturbing calls, then knowing the identity and location of these callers will be very important as it will help you to bring them to justice.