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It is pretty cold in Montreal. There are two types of people right now. There are the people who love the cold, enjoy it and then there’s people who want to crawl into a hole and be there and only come out when summer time arrives; and that’s me. I’m one of those who hate winter and I hate cold so as a family with decided to budget for a family cruise into the Bermuda area.

It is so much fun to have nice weather and a cruise waiting on you, but I still want to give you some tips because it’s very important to still be on a budget even if you’re on vacation. First step is to book early. If you book at least 12 months before the cruise starts you might benefit from 25 to 50% off the price that is shown in the brochure. If you can’t book early than book late because if you reserve your cruise 3 months before a cruise starts you can benefit from huge discounts because the cruise line of course wants to fill out all those empty spaces.

The disadvantage is that you’re probably going to not have room choice. Another thing is that the cabin on the boats are based on a double occupancy pricing so if you’re going as a family like we were, we were four people the third and the fourth person can benefit from future town in our case it was almost free. For the third and the fourth person we only paid taxes. Also do not neglect the help or the service that you can get from a travel agent because travel agencies like Expedia for example they have some space reserved for their travel agency so when they reserved for client they might be able to add on to the account or some special packages. For example we had a special package called the ultimate dining package which permitted us to go dine in every specialty restaurant with no additional cost. We also considered the alcohol package but instead of buying it we learned how to sneak booze on a cruise with

Another thing to consider is to travel when it is the low season so when everybody is staying home we decided to go on vacation because the prices are lower and you can benefit from more during this time. For the Bermudas the best time to go is either April or October to benefit from the gas prices. Now when you arrive you are going to have a lot of distractions and things that you can buy on impulse. For example, there are, photographers on the boat that are going to take pictures of each family, but to buy those pictures it’s going to cost from $10 to $20. For one picture the cost is pretty high, I would suggest to bring your own camera to take your own pictures that are not included.  like cookies and alcohol so unless you have the drinking package the bill racks up pretty fast. It is like $2 or $3 or $20.There are going to be sales everyday on clothing, Rain gear, and jewelry, be careful.

I need to drop it last thing, it is about tipping.  There are a lot of people that are going to service you very well, there’s going to be the waiter, cruise director, entertainers, stateroom people that take care of your cabin and that make wonderful animals out of towels which I don’t know how to do it but they do. Anyway a lot of people love that and they want to tip them to thank them. Remember that there’s already a set amount of gravity deducted automatically from your bill so if you do want to thank someone by tipping then be careful that you don’t overdo it. I hope this article will help you prepare and budget your next cruise.  if you do have any questions please let me know in the comment section.

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