Ways of tracing phone number

  • The first way is to lodge a complaint with the police with the mobile numbers or landline numbers from which you are getting calls. Then the rest of the job of tracing the location and identity of the callers can be done by the police.
  • If you don’t want to go to thepolice immediately and want to see for yourself whether some of your friends are playing a prank with you, then you can trace a phone number for yourself too. You can try installing free to use tracing apps which may help you in tracing the location of your caller.
  • If the free apps are not useful, then you can trace the location of the number by getting the first 4 digits of the mobile number on Wikipedia. This will help you get the location from which the number was purchased.
  • You can even try the paid agencies which offer the services of tracing a phone number for a fixed charge.However, before hiring any such agency for tracing a number from which you are getting prank calls, you have to check whether the agency is authentic or not.

While you may feel harassed by such phone calls, hiring agencies without checking authenticity can make you land in more troubles. There are many scam agencies which offer fraudulent results for your money. If you feel threatened or harassed by such calls, then the best option is to take theassistance of the law enforcement agencies to nab the trouble makers.You can prevent these calls if you do not answer the calls which are from unknown numbers. You can try calling the number from another phone so as to know the identity of the caller.

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